Antarctica: A Year On Ice

Antarctica World Tour

We have won a lot of awards on the festival tour in North America, and made our first screenings on the other side of the Atlantic too, winning the "Best Documentary" award at the Foyle Film Festival in our first European screening. I've been regularly updating the Screening Times link, and the awards list here on the main page of Frozen South so you can easily keep up to date.

Meanwhile the glowing reviews keep rolling in; you can read them all in one place here.

We have made it onto a lot of "Best Films of the Year" lists too, in areas where the film has been seen. I've been posting regular updates to the Facebook Page as they get announced. We still have a lot more screenings lined up, so keep checking back.

Here's a couple of other TV interviews I have done along the way...

A common question I get asked is, "Any plans to show it in (insert name of local town)?" Well, if you want to talk to your local cinema, and they are willing to host the film, put them in touch with me and I can make it happen. We are expecting to be able to make some significant announcements in a few weeks for wider distribution, so stay tuned.

Kent Gunnufson at Phototalk TV has done a lot of great interviews with a lot of photographers over the years. When I was in Colorado, he did an extended interview with me all about the filming side of things, and what it took to capture the images in the film. So if you are a camera buff and ever wanted to pick my brains about filming in the cold, this is for you...

If you have seen the film, one thing you can do that would really help out is add your own reviews and ratings to the movie IMDB page or the Rotten Tomatoes page or any other movie pages you frequent. More "likes" on the movie Facebook page will also make theaters and distributors take a lot more notice, so more people can enjoy the film on a big screen. 

Thanks everyone for your terrific support so far; it has been great meeting so many of you on our travels!

North American Festival Tour

We have begun the North American leg of the festival tour! We are starting to play in a whole bunch of theaters around New Zealand too. 

Click on the quick link for screening times at the top left of the page for upcoming screening opportunities. A number of new festivals have been added, and there are some more exciting announcements in the works soon.

Audiences on this side of the Pacific have been enjoying it just as much as those back in New Zealand. We have won our first awards... 

Audience choice award best adventure reel. Breckenridge Film Festival

Best Documentary. Calgary International Film Festival. 

Documentary: Best first feature film. Calgary International Film Festival.

The line out the door and down the street half an hour before the first US screening at the Breckenridge Film Festival. They ended up putting on an extra screening for the people who missed out.

Here's a link to the first review I have seen from North America... 

"I have never been so moved by a documentary before."

There is also a review that has just been released by the New Zealand Herald...

"An extraordinary achievement that reinvigorates our sense of wonder about the natural world."

Taking part in a film maker discussion panel at the Breckenridge Film Festival.

Hope to meet a whole lot more of you at the other festivals as we go!

Premier Reviews and Screening Times.

We had the world premier at the Civic Theatre in Auckland on July 21st.
The reaction from the audience was hugely positive. We were told afterwards that the Q&A session that followed was the largest they have ever had, and also went on the longest.

The crowd beginning to gather in the downstairs section of The Civic Theatre

It is a whole new experience to be stopped on the street by people who have seen it and recognised us, and want to pass on their congratulations.
We went out for dinner the other night, and the singer at the restaurant was telling everyone that she had just seen this amazing film that everyone just HAD to go and watch. Quite a surreal experience.

A number of glowing reviews have begun to appear...

Film Fanatic
YES. This is why cameras were invented...
...Powell has given us full access to what one interviewee calls the golden age of Antarctica: its residents, animal and human, and its natural beauty. And he presents all this in such a way that got the entire Civic alternating between rollicking laughter and gasps of astonishment.
Go. Go. Aucklanders... Best $17 you'll ever spend.

Full review here  

Helene Wong
You’ll think twice before using that overworked word “awesome” again after seeing Anthony Powell’s film... 
This highly personalized encounter has the effect of demystifying the place, but it never trivialises it. We sense the importance of the research, and there are understated references to the effect of climate change and the continent’s uncertain future politically. But above all this, it leaves the wonder intact. There are moments when what Powell’s cameras have captured which will bring you to tears. Which is why you need to see it in the dark, on a big screen.

Full review here

Sarah Watt
I have to admit, I wasn't necessarily going to see this one - not much of a National Geographic girl, me...
I was therefore (naively) quite unprepared for how simply stunning and enthralling every minute of footage was. 

Full review here  

Graham Hill 
Radio Live
Speaking after the premier screening:
“I've seen a few documentaries about Antarctica, I don't know about you, but to me it is by far and away the best I've ever seen”

Jack Tame
Newstalk ZB 
"I urge everyone to get out and see it"
Full radio interview here

Aurora Australis, The Southern Lights

In the quick links tab near the top of this page I have added a direct link to screening times. This will be updated as more sessions are confirmed. For folks in New Zealand, keep an eye out for the New Zealand International Film Festival when it hits your area of the country, that is where we are screening. They also have a ton of other great films you should to check out too.

Figuring out some angles for one of the opening shots in the film

Premier Screening Times!

The dates for the first two screenings on the Auckland leg of the New Zealand International Film Festival have been announced:

Sunday 21 July, 11.00 am (World Premier)
Tuesday 23 July, 6.15 pm
Both screenings will be at the Civic Theatre in Auckland. 

For a good look inside the theatre click here! It is a pretty amazing venue.

Tickets going on sale via Ticketek Friday 28 June.
For more details download a copy of the Auckland programme here
Or go to the NZIFF website Auckland page here

The Four Seasons Movie Posters

You can view the full resolution posters, or download them for free here





I should have some dates for initial screenings begin to arrive in about 2 weeks.
Stay tuned.

It's A Wrap!

"Antarctica: A Year On Ice" is now complete!

My voice over is recorded.
The picture grading is complete. 
The titles and graphics are all in place. 
The music has been composed, performed, and recorded.
The sound design is complete.
The final surround sound mix is done.
The film is ready for theatres.

A huge thanks to everyone involved in the production, everyone has been great to work with, so many talented individuals involved. Now it is on to film festival submissions and lots of publicity rounds for quite a while.

It looks and sounds fantastic on the big screen. Definitely let people know that the way to watch it is in a good movie theatre with a good sound system.

I'll announce screening venues as soon as I have them confirmed, but I can say now that the world premier will be part of the New Zealand International Film Festival in July. 
Stay tuned for other venues and dates!

Voice over recording

In the picture grade suite at Park Road, getting the picture to look just right.

Live performance of the strings section for the music soundtrack

Recording the orchestral music

The film sound team together on the last day of mixing in the theatre at Park Road. These behind the scenes folk are the reason you should pay attention to all those names you see in the end credits.

Post Production Updates for "Antarctica: A Year on Ice"

We are well into post production of the theatrical cut now. The picture edit is locked at 91 minutes long. I managed to survive the trauma of slicing away nearly half an hour of footage from the rough cut with editor Simon Price. We also snuck a few new scenes in there too though.

So now Plan9 are busily composing some great music, Tim Prebble is busily making awesome noises, and Chris Todd is making us sound good.

Some really good news is that Park Road Post have come on board big time, and will be doing the final cinema color grade, 5.1 surround sound mix, and digital cinema projection output. Also the New Zealand Film Commission will be contributing to the final funding, which will allow that extra level of cinematic finish.

It seems a bit surreal sometimes going from being a guy wandering around the frozen wilderness breaking too many cameras, to having a feature film being finished off in one of the top facilities in the world.

The film has been confirmed for the New Zealand International Film Festival in July, and submissions have begun to some of the other international venues. I'll keep you posted on viewing opportunities as they are announced.

For media inquiries, email me at

Final Cinematic Polish, and Some Release Dates for A Year On Ice

 Some significant updates on the status of the movie:

 I'm going to be spending most of January with Simon Price to finish off the final edit on the film. The feedback we got from the preview screenings at the Ice Fest was great, and will help a lot with the final edit. From there Plan 9 and Tim Prebble will be doing their magic on the sound track with additional music work and sound design.

 The final movie will be released as part of the New Zealand Film Festival in July, and will tour as part of that. It will be hitting the international film festival circuit for the second half of the year also.
 In the US you will also have the chance later on to book the movie in your local theatre via They work by you booking the movie yourself, then just making sure the minimum number of seats required for that venue are sold in advance. So for example if it is a 40 seat theatre, you may need to only get together 12 people to confirm the screening. As an added bonus, you get 5% of the door sales for helping promote the film. If you think you can fill a 200 seat venue, all the better. It will be a great way for Antarcticans to show the place off to friends and family. The exact timing of this is still to be sorted out, as some distributors and some of the bigger festivals require no prior screenings in the area before they will host it, so the specific dates aren't nailed down just yet, but I'll be sure to let you all know.

 Thanks again to everyone for your support!

First Screening of A Year on Ice, and a TV Feature Story

We had the first screening of Antarctica: A Year On Ice, at the Ice Fest last week, and I am getting a lot of really great feedback. There is one more screening on October 2nd. If you are in the area tickets can be found here.

We are treating these showings as advanced preview test screenings, and gathering feedback to give the film a final tweak before going for a wider release next year. This means another few months of editing and sound work to bring it up to the best standard possible.

Plan 9 have done a fantastic job on the music, and Simon Price has been working hs magic on the screen story and editing. Also, some more great news is that Tim Prebble is keen to jump on board as sound designer/engineer to give it a full cinematic 5.1 sound mix.

I just appeared in a feature story on the TVNZ Sunday show, which was watched by about 1 million people locally, you can see it for yourself by clicking here. They did a great job, there are some great behind the scenes shots in there.

I donated a number of my photos to be used at the Ice Festival, this one of the Barne Glacier is being used as a backdrop for the Ice Skating Rink. It looks quite impressive on site printed out 5 meters tall.

Movie Editing and Scoring Underway!

Thanks to everyone for your fantastic support on Kickstater. We raised enough to cover the basics to get the film ready for advance preview screenings at the Ice Festival in September. I'll post screening dates as soon as we have things confirmed... 

We are busily editing and scoring in Wellington right now. 
Simon Price who is an editor and screenwriter is working on a re-edit to make the film flow really nicely.
Plan9 music are composing an original score.
I am very grateful to have these guys on board, they are all extremely talented and have worked on a lot of big productions over the years.

I did a TV interview the other day, here's a link to the broadcast. Skip forward to exactly the 10 minute mark to see the bit with me and Christine... 

I also did a newspaper interview back in my home town. They did a quick video that shows off a little bit of my time-lapse motion control gear. Working in the extreme cold means keeping the equipment as simple as possible to make it reliable. You can read the article and watch that video here...

Once the Ice Fest is finished we will be working more on the film to give it a final polish before making it available for a wider release. 
Any corporate sponsors out there we would love to hear form you!

Scott Base in late summer. Mount Erebus is in the background. Pressure ridges in the ice are from the ice shelf pushing the sea ice up against the land.

Trailer #1


Winner: Grand Jury Selection Best Film Laughlin International Film Festival

Winner: Peoples Choice Best Film Scottsdale International Film Festival

Winner: Best Documentary Bel-Air Film Festival

Winner: Best Documentary Twin Cities Film Festival

Winner: Best Documentary Orlando Film Festival

Winner: Best Documentary Calgary International Film Festival

Winner: Best Documentary Indie Fest USA

Winner: Best Documentary Eugene International Film Festival

Winner: Best Documentary Red Dirt Film Festival

Winner: Best Documentary Foyle Film Festival UK

Winner: Audience Award Best Documentary Irvine International Film Festival

Winner: Best Documentary Louisville Festival of Film

Winner: Best Cinematography Indie Fest USA

Winner: Discovery Award Best First Film (Documentary Category) Calgary International Film Festival

Winner: Best Adventure Reel Breckenridge Film Festival

Winner: Best Documentary Cinematography, New Zealand Film Awards.

Official Selection: New Zealand International Film Festival, Aspen Film Festival, San Diego Film Festival, Explorers Club New York, Calgary International Film Festival, Edmonton International Film Festival, Commffest Toronto, Lowell International Film Festival, Tacoma International Film Festival, Bel-Air International Film Festival, Scottsdale International Film Festival, Breckenridge Film Festival, Bend Film Fest, Orlando Film Festival, Naples International Film Festival, Louisville International Film Festival, Laughlin International Film Festival, Twin Cities Film Festival, Banff Mountain Film Festival, St Louis International Film Festival, Brisbane International Film Festival, Foyle Film Festival, Sedona Film Festival, Yosemite Range of Light Film Festival, Docpoint Helsinki Film Festival, Irvine Film Festival.

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